Send texts anonymously.

With Plext, you can text any other user anonymously based on their license plate number.

How does it work?

When you sign up to Plext, you are asked to enter your phone number, your license plate number and your handle. Handles are what other users see you as.

Is it really anonymous?

Yes! A long as when you signed up, you entered an anonymous handle. For example, the color of your car plus your cats name...right PurplePussface?

Add personal icons.

On the top right of the app you will see an icon similar to the one above. Here you can change your username, phone number or how other users see you. Every user has an icon. This is where you pick yours.

You can send pics too.

Thats right! With Plext, you can also picture message someone. Send a picture to that guy parking you in... "Move your car buddy!"

Don't Plext and drive.

We know it's tempting to Plext and drive...but it can wait. Plext and park. You'll be much safer.