About Plext

Video Demo

How to format your plate number in Plext when registering and when texting:
This is a “how to video” for V1.0 of Plext. We are now onto a new UI and things look a bit different in V2.0. Most of the principles in the video are the same as they are now. If you need help, email Info@plext.me.
We plan to update the video very soon to reflect the changes made in V2.0.



Connect or create an account. The first time you open Plext, this is what you'll see.

Secure Authentication

User info
We've made Plext even more secure with 2 factor authentication instead of passwords.


Time well spent
Access the most important features of Plext from the home screen; text a new plate or continue a conversation.


More Customization
Update your handle, choose a user icon, access your Plext contacts and add or subtract plates all from the menu.

Why Plext?

Plext came from the simple idea of helping out a stranger. While walking home from work, Plext founder Josh Coyne, saw a neighbor who left the dome light on in their car. "If only I had their phone number", he thought. Then it struck. Plext!! License Plate Text!

Now there's a way to text that person who left their lights on, or that person who parked in front of your driveway. Let someone know their car is being ticketed, or that they have a flat tire. Anonymously!

Born for good and not evil, Plext hopes to rework the way we interact with strangers and their vehicles.

Other uses for Plext:

  • Alerting someone their car is being towed or in a tow zone.
  • Car parked in handicap spot when they don't have handicap tags? Tell them.
  • Letting someone know their meter is up and might get a ticket.
  • Is a car alarm going off for what seems like forever? Plext the owner.
  • Maybe someone hit your car or witnessed your car being hit while parked.
  • Another car is double parked, blocking you in.
  • It's begun to rain and you walk pass a parked car with their window open.
  • Alerting someone there is a saftey issue with their vehicle, like a burnt out brake light.
  • Are you a tow company? Or a trucking fleet? Email us for corporate licensing.
  • Please don't Plext and drive.
    Plext and park, it's much safer.

    If you like Plext or found it helpful or useful in someway, tell your friends!

    Thanks, Love Plext :)