Print out Cards

White Background

Print this.

  • Cut out the cards.
  • Then leave the cards on cars to help spread the word.
  • Do it. Do it now!
One off PrintOutCARD_wht1 Print

Blue Background

Print this and cut it into cards.

  • It's just like the one on the left, but blue.
  • Then leave the cards on cars to help spread the word.
  • Thanks!
One off PrintOutCARD_blue-copy Print

Download our Print-at-Home cards.

What are these?

We made a sheet of cards, in two different colors, that you can print at home and cut out.

Why would I do that?

With these cards, you can make sure the person you just Plexted receives your message. Plext them, then leave a card under their windshield wiper. It's that easy.

Why is one blue and the other white? Whats the difference?

Why not? Maybe you have a lousy printer or you don't like blue...One card looks better in black and white, thats why two colors.

Do I print them on paper or card stock?

Whatever floats your boat. You can even write a personal message on the back of the card. Then leave it for that guy who is clearly not handicapped, but insisted he park in a handicap spot. Karma will get him.